Freezer not cold problem GR-M35MD Toshiba Fridge

1 week before Chinese New Year, my Toshiba Fridge gave me problem. It wasn’t cold. The body of fridge is not hot. Everything inside fridge and freezer are melting, all chicken meats and fish are defrosting.

GR-M35MD Toshiba

So i called up my technician and his recommended contact friend could only come next week. I was anxious therefore i tried to google search for any technician to come as soon as possible to fix my fridge.

I’ve transferred most of my fridge stuffs to my mother’s house so it won’t get spoiled.

Went to Facebook to search for any technician, finally got one (don’t wanna mentioned as it’s not good skill and not good service). Plus, i don’t want to disturb other people’s rice bowl (business)..

He came to fix the next day, changed all parts and charged us RM360. 2 days after we checked back our fridge temperature, ice cream in the freeze wasn’t hard enough and worst of all, fridge compartment was freezing. Milk became harden like rock, water and also vegetables!

Called up this technician and ask him to come back and fix it. He asked me to send him our fridge photo (i don’t understand why he needs photo of fridge though…) Anyway, we snapped fridge photo for him. He said there is no way to increase the temperature to harden the ice cream and we just need to set the level from the knob setting to adjust it.

He even told me to put my ice cream from freezer to fridge since my fridge now become freezer. OH my god.. and he even said he got 10 years of experience as a technician.

Fine, i went to Shopee to buy a fridge temperature so that we can know the exact celcius.

We couldn’t wait anymore for him to return back as we paid so much for his workmanship. Everytime we called him, he will ask us for fridge photo and asked us to wait few days and finally he said there is no way to increase freezer temperature….

Husband wants him to return back to fix it. But from his words, i doubt he can fix it anyway.

Finally, i called up Toshiba and a nice lady gave me their technician number before Chinese New Year. i did leave a “Hi” on his WhatsApp only coz don’t want to disturb them on CNY. So after CNY (short form for Chinese New Year), now that they are back to work, i called their technician.

Mr. Ng sent Mr. Gan to our place and fix our fridge on 18th Feb, 2021. Mr. Gan took out every parts the previous technician installed. As those parts are not genuine and also wrong installations. Mr. Gan (from Toshiba) installed back genuine parts for freezer and fridge, it works nicely (RM288).

Next day, we checked back our fridge, freezer parts ice cream not as hard as last time. Fridge compartment is too cold.

So i told Mr. Ng and he sent Mr. Gan on site to check.

Finally, Mr. Gan changed some parts which he haven’t changed before (RM90). We checked back our temperature the next day. Freezer temperature reached 18 celcius and fridge back to normal temperature.

Expensive lesson learnt, never call anonymous people to fix electric appliances, go back to the appliances brand’s technician. They are the ones who know how to fix using original parts.

This fridge already 10 years old, as long as spare parts still exists, lifespan will last forever!

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