Multi-tier 5 gallon water bottle rack, have it in your office?

If you are getting RO/distilled water for you office/home, chances are you will have a bunch of these 20 liter water bottles surrounding your water dispenser. If you usually order like 10 bottles at a go, it will be messy and takes up precious space in your pantry, a real eye sore!

I usually have 7-10 of these bottles around the house at a time, the only way to organize these bottles is have them stacking up vertically, saving previous space in my already small house!

Purchase here ro water bottle rack

Check out this water bottle rack.

I’ll be ordering this rack from time to time. I think it is space saving if you’re operating an office/restaurant, or even you’re using it at home, and usually getting your drinking water from a company that delivers them in these big bottles.

I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Do leave a comment if you think these works for you!

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