Woocommerce Select Shipping Method (Fixed Rate)

Do you have different couriers and you want to let your customer pick which one they prefer? I’ve solve this problem and here’s the steps on how to let your customer pick either Skynet courier or Pos Laju courier.

Step 1:

Go to WooCommerce —> System Status—-> Under “Tools” —-> put a “TICK” in the box for “Shipping Debug Mode” (By doing so you will enable – This tool will disable shipping rate caching.)

Step 2:

Go to WooCommerce —> Settings —>Under “Shipping” —> Flat Rate: Enable  Enable this shipping method —>Method Title “Pos Laju” –>Tax Status to None —> Cost per order put 0.00 —>Minimum Handling Fee put 6.00 —>Save Changes

Step 3:

“Under Local Delivery” —>Enable  Enable local delivery—> Title put “Skynet”—>Fee Type : Fixed Amount —>Delivery Fee: 8.00 —>Save Changes

Below show 2 types of courier shipping fixed rate in cart for customer to pick

woocommerce shipping method fixed rate


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