Mark Zuckerberg Speaks Mandarin

It’s a surprise Mark Zuckerberg knows how to speak in Mandarin!. Learning mandarin is really tough especially when you’re an adult. Salute his determination to learn Mandarin language and dares to speak in front of a crowd of chinese audience.

This video shows Mark Zuckerberg 30-minute Q&A at Tsinghua University in Beijing in which he answered every question exclusively in Chinese.

It seems like every year Zuckerberg will pick up a skill or a goal to pursue with extreme focus. This year, his plan was to write one thoughtful thank-you note every day. In year 2010, his aim was to learn Mandarin.

His effort seems to have paid off especially right now, Facebook is still banned in China. Hopefully, with his determination in learning to speak Mandarin, China will be charmed and will unblocked Facebook.

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