Eating raw and juicing


Are you sick or occasionally not feeling well? Then you’re eating wrongly.
To enjoy good health you’ll need to eat more nutrition food.

90% nutrition food in it’s original source
10% wheat, oats, corn, processed food, frozen food, crackers, cookies, sugar drinks, breakfast cereal and many more selling in your local supermarket.

It’s BEST to avoid that 10% types of food if you can prevent yourself from ‘cravings’, because consuming these food will bring your health down the drain if you eat it daily.

What types of oil is suitable for cooking?
The answer is none, if you really need oil to cook, then choose to make your own lard (free of preservatives and so on), but you can’t eat this daily too, because cooking itself is bad for health. Heat kill enzyme, kill your food nutritions, cooking is bad and lead to cancer.

The Best method of cooking is?
Lightly steam your vegetables. Lightly as when it turns dark color green, then it’s time to turn off your fire. Overcook kill vegetables enzyme.

Can i cook with olive oil?
The answer is NO, olive oil cannot withstand heat, it doesn’t have high heating point, prolong cooking in olive oil can lead to cancer.

Can i cook using peanut oil, sun flower oil, grapeseed oil?
The answer is NO, these oil are bad for your health, clog your arteries and many more.

What is the BEST way to get your fibre and nutrition?
Eating raw organic leafy vegetables, more colors for more types of nutrients. You can juice half if you can’t finish your fibre. Fibre is good to clean your intestine and stomach.

What other food i can eat other than leafy green vegetables?
Don’t forget to add nuts, seeds, all types of fruits into your food.
Caution: Do not “mix” when you eat. For eg: if you’re eating vegetables then eat all vegetables and do not mix with nuts/seeds/fruits, coz eating together will inhibit vegetables nutrients absorbing into your system. Never mix, eat one by one, Let your system digest then few hours only consume nuts.

What’s for breakfast, if i don’t consume sugar commercial drinks?
Visit your local morning market and pick up some fresh fruits, there are lots of local fresh fruits to pick from, each fruits will give you different nutrients your body need. Eat fruits for breakfast. Avoid bread/wheat/cereal/oats, these can be damaging your health, even for animal consumption.

What’s for lunch?
Eat raw organic leafy greens, mix colors of vegetables, carrots and so on, juice half if you can’t finish your fibre.
We need lots of vegetables to maintain good health.

Why do people get sick?
The answer are:
1) Work stress – when you’re in stress, even though how good you eat, your body wont’ absorb these good nutrients but increase your toxin level.
2) People are not eating correctly
3) People are eating outside more of preservatives, salt,sugar, noodles, wheat, too much rice, colourings and the list goes on and on.
4) People are not eating raw organic food because it doesn’t taste good, according to majority of people
5) Our taste bud is killing us softly from inside because of the choice of food we pick. We need to train our taste bud to accept these nutrients food as our body is an ecosystem, once polluted, daily pollution, lead to toxic in our body, leading to minor illness such as cough, fever, flu, and so on to major illness such as cancer.

Can old people and young people consume these leafy green and fruits and nuts?
The answer is every living organism in this planet should eat more raw leafy greens, fruits, seeds, nuts.
In the first place, human should never invent process food, because these process food is killing us softly, making us sicker and sicker everyday.
Processed food sold in supermarket are DANGEROUS for human consumption.

Can i consume meat?
Yes, you can. But are our meat safe for consumption nowadays compare to our ancestor generations, where chickens, pork, cow are feed with natural food kangkung and so on, instead look at how these animals are kept, food they are served, growth hormone to make them grow bigger in such short period, antibiotic because they are so sick to kept inside tiny area, they don’t even see the sun, thus making them really really sick.

Visit an organic farm and see for yourself, what kind of food served to our animal friend.
If you like it, then enjoy these fresh meat. If you don’t enjoy seeing them suffer you can switch to eat lesser or none.

How much meat i need to consume (if) i want to eat meat
The answer is no more than 5cm x 4cm. What’s the reason? Even if we eat more, our body cannot use up these and end up our body need to filter it, making our organs more overloaded with it’s overtime working. If we don’t like working overtime, we should never make our organ work overtime.

Is coffee good?
The answer is NO. Coffee itself is toxic. It makes your heart beat faster, it makes you sleepy if you don’t take it because you have been consuming all these while and you can’t stop it, It’s addiction. So, better don’t start your coffee routine.

Is cocoa good?
Yes cocoa is good for your health, but those cocoa drinks end up in packet sachet is not good for your health, as some other stuff are added in and if you need cocoa, why not just purchase cocoa powder instead.

Izzit important to read food ingredients labelling?
Yes, definitely. I’m sure you don’t want bad stuff to go into your body system. Your body is YOU, without healthy body, they won’t be YOU anymore. So you need to make sure what’s exactly goes into your mouth and ends into the toilet.

Can i eat fried food?
Fried food taste delicious! Delicious food does more harm to your body. Fried food contains carcinogen, cancer is the end result.

Can i drink cold drinks?
Our digestive temperature is not cold. We should never disturb it’s temperature when it needs to digest our food properly and sort out food enzyme we put in just now. Best to avoid drinking right after eating, because stomach acid need to break down food and when we dilute these stomach acid, they can’t perform properly, thus not able to do it’s job properly.

Can we avoid dengue?
Yes, if you’re eating abundance of healthy food and avoid harming food. Dengue only attack when your immune system is down. In fact, if our immune system is down, you can get all sort of disease, virus and bacteria infections.

Do human get fever, sore throat, cough, flu more than once a year?
The answer is NO. Human as well as animal won’t have these if they are eating lots of healthy food and avoid non healthy food.

Do human need commercial shampoo and commercial toothpaste to keep their scalp clean and teeth healthy?
The answer is NO. If you read the label, you’ll notice many nonsense ingredients they put into their products. These will goes into your liver, your body is working overtime to eliminate these stuff in your body. Why are you making your body suffering?

Best way is avoid shampoo, rinse with water and scrub using your tip fingers daily.
Best way to brush teeth, combination of toothbrush + kayu sugi / miswak

What about organic soap?
Depending how they make it into a square shape? Does it need “extra” ingredients which you think it’s harmful> If yes, then better to avoid it. Coz you don’t need one. You only need a small towel (good morning towel) to scrub your body skin. Our tap water is more than enough flouride in killing germs, we don’t need to add more “extra” stuff to our body skin.

Why does your sweat smells so bad?
Because you are eating meat, sweat urine is our human body to eliminate waste. If you’re eating meat, of course it’ll eliminate smell of rotten meat you have just consume.

What kind of banana is good?
Have you seen gigantic banana? If you do, avoid it. Extras are given to plant these gigantic bananas, and you won’t want to consume it.

Why supermarket apples and oranges can last that long?
Wax as preservatives. As for inside, you have judge yourself whether the planter spray Extras or not.

What else can i eat if everything else seems so unhealthy?
Your life, your choice.
What is LIFE is you can’t taste curry mee, karipap?
If you eat this, then you need to eat this lesser, small quantity and add more raw leafy and fruits, if you ignore this, your body will let you know by —-> fever, flu, cough, sore throat and so on.

Should i take antibiotic?
Do you know antibiotic only kills bacteria and no virus? You have to know whether your sickness is cause by bacteria or virus. Do not blindly eat what you’re told. Pharmaceutical wants to sell their medications, but you have your decision whether you want to eat it or not. Take natural antibiotic instead, raw garlic (one cloves per day for 2 weeks, if yo’re that sick, while garlic juice with turmeric juice to kill skin infections or staph infection pertaining to skin.

What else i can do if i ever get sick?
Fever,flu,cough,sore throat: consume more leafy green, fruits, drink coconut juice (fresh), take manuka honey active 20+ (another natural antibiotic) also garlic clove (another natural antibiotic)
You have to know once your immune system is up, your body then will fight. Our human body is very special, it has the capability of healing itself (if) our immune system is performing normally.

But antibiotic function kills all good and bad, leaving your body with no strength of the good soldiers to fight your illness. You become so weak.

What about vitamins?
Vitamins are synthetics, they don’t come in fresh form they comes in pill form, it’s synthetic. Does your body need that much of vitamins at one time> The answer is NO. Your body cannot handle too much vitamins at one time. We need fruits/veges as we chew we get vitamins we need. Too much of these synthetic won’t do us good.

Can i consume rice/ bread?
Yes, you can but not everyday. Rice turns to sugar especially white rice, brown rice is better but rice is not meant to consume everyday. Bread? Is bread wheat, then it’s not good.
If you need fibre always get from raw leafy greens and fruits. Wheat are not meant for human consumption as well as animal, animal who eat wheat tends to have sickness and weak, wheat and oats damage our guts.

Can i consume sugar/salt?
Table sugar lead to diabetic. Sugar lower your immune system if you don’t know. Get your natural sugar from fruits, these sugar can breakdown, but table sugar can’t
Table salt leads to hypertension. Choose sea salt. But don’t eat sea salt everyday. Get your salt from leafy green vegetables instead.

Is vegetarian food healthy?
The answer is NO NO NO, fried food, load of colourings, sugar, salt, oil, definitely not healthy at all.

Can i eat dinner after 8pm?
The answer is NO, if you sleep at 10pm (our body detoxify at 11pm), there are only 2 hours for digestion. Not enough time to digest, your food will sit in your stomach, causing cancer.

Can i drink powdered soya bean for breakfast daily?
The answer is No, women especially avoid drinking soya bean on daily basis, it can cause breast cancer. Therefore, don’t take these drinks on daily basis, best to eat fruits local fruits during breakfast.

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