Tambun cookies penang Ghee Hiang


Tau sar piah in Penang or some called this pastry in penang as Tambun cookies. I’ve tried many tambun cookies before and this particular brand Ghee Hiang really captured my tastebud. Fallen in love with their pastry from day 1 when i first try. And i love 100% their sesame oil, still using and i will buy this for the rest of my life because it’s taste soooooo good!!

Have you tried Ghee Hiang online shop? My feedback on their shop is really good. Lots of payment method can be used, i’ve chosen Maybank2u transfer. Payment was really smooth, plus i can enquire my courier tracking in their Facebook Page also. Ghee Hiang Facebook customer service is prompt https://www.facebook.com/gheehiangpg

Today i got my Ghee Hiang pastry delivered right to my doorstep, although it’s about RM20.10 delivery cost from Penang to Kuala Lumpur, quite pricey, if i go out to buy i bet i’ll spend more than that!. Agree?

My order date:

Order Date: 2014-05-21 09:43:58

Delivery date via courier Ta Q Bin

Today 2014-05-22 11 am something

Online Shopping e-commerce is today’s trend, Facebook page, speedy delivery is very important. Ah, one thing i really like about Ghee Hiang website is their price listings and cart system with lots of payment methods. While photos can be more nicer if capture professionally to look more “Tasty”.

In today’s generation, you don’t need to go to Penang or anywhere to satisfy your cravings for these pastry anymore. Just click a button and delivery to you the next day. Fast and efficient plus no fuss and save on petrol and transportation fees and also accommodations and extra unnecessary expenditures when you step out of your own house.

Pastry 100%, Texture 100%, Taste 100% and i love the ALMONDS da best!! i love others too 🙂

Next time you can enjoy your trip to Penang and get it deliver to your relatives via online delivery, why need to carry so much stuff when you’re traveling rite?

Check out my order:



Item Unit
Beh Teh Saw – Large (8 pcs)  8.50
Oriental Almond Cookies (8 pcs) 12.00
Tau Sar Pneah – Small (24 pcs) 8.80
Subtotal: MYR 29.30
Shipping and/or Handling Fee: MYR 20.10
Total Amount: MYR 49.40

Here’s some photos i snap

tambun-cookies-ghee-hiang-penang tambun-cookies-ghee-hiang-penang-01 tambun-cookies-ghee-hiang-penang-02 tambun-cookies-ghee-hiang-penang-03 tambun-cookies-ghee-hiang-penang-04 tambun-cookies-ghee-hiang-penang-05 tambun-cookies-ghee-hiang-penang-06 tambun-cookies-ghee-hiang-penang-07

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