Hand Socks now in Malaysia

Handmade hand socks to protect your arms are now available in AkiraGloves.com
Akira Gloves online store sells handmade extra long hand socks to cover your arms from UV Sunlight.
For muslim women, it’s important to cover your arms, that’s why Akira Gloves sells extra long handmade hand socks for these purpose.
Extra Long free size and stretchable hand socks are suitable for both women and men.

Due to Malaysia’s hot climate and global warming, temperature are increasing by half a degree celcius every year. Motorcycle riders especially dispatch / delivery riders are often riding in the extreme hot sun. Akira Gloves let riders cover their arms from strong sunlight and easily remove whenever you don’t need it.
It’s easy to wash these hand socks, simply rinse with water and hang dry under sunlight.



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