Bought Xiaomi mi3 Malaysia

Just received my Xiaomi mi3 on Saturday delivered by Fedex (unboxing xiao mi3 in malaysia). Bought this China made smart phone via Xiaomi Malaysia at RM889 for phone and chose the Mi3 Accessories Essential Bundle include Mi 3 Screen Protector (Anti-Glare) Anti-Glare and Mi 3 Flip Protective Case Black for RM36 comes to total amount of RM925. Other than that, UK Standard Adapter White and Mi 3 Micro SIM Card Adapter Metallic Gray are included in the box.

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A little bit about Xiaomi:

* Xiaomi becomes 3rd largest smartphone brand in China and sixth largest worldwide.

* The company’s founder and CEO is Lei Jun, China’s 23rd richest man according to Forbes.

* The name Xiaomi means millet (literally Xiao – “little”, mi – “rice”)

* Xiaomi’s MIUI firmware which is based on Android and resembles Samsung’s TouchWiz and Apple’s iOS.

* Some of Xiaomi products are manufactured by Foxconn, which also assembles Apple’s iPhones and iPads.

* Sold 100,000 units in less than 2 minutes when it was first launched

* On 7 March, Xiaomi Mi3 sold out within 2 minutes of the opening day sale in Singapore

* Xiaomi’s Mi3 sold out in 17 minutes in Malaysia

* Android’s Hugo Barra Departs Google for China’s Xiaomi

* If you love taking pictures, Mi3 main camera’s resolution is as high as 13MP, using BSI Sony technology with an aperture of F2.2 and 2.8mm wide-angle lens. Two LED Flash are also present to brighten up the shots. Meanwhile, Mi3 front camera can shoot 2MP pictures and is equipped with gender and age detectors which help to decide an appropriate effect for those who are into “selfies”. Both cameras can record 1080p video at 30fps.

*Xiaomi Mi3 Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 3050mAH is able to provide power up to 500 hours. Music can be played up to 50 hours, while talk-time period is 25 hours and 3G data surfing is 20 hours.

*Xiaomi’s aim to create high-powered devices with low prices

What i like and don’t like about Xiaomi mi3

1) Everything i like especially it’s camera, very sharp and great camera as good as Sony phone…. except only one tiny thing i dont like about Xiaomi mi3, it’s super sensitive touch screen, it’s too super sensitive that it quite troublesome especially when i’m surfing Facebook. This super sensitive touch happens when i scroll and accidentally touches onto photo, it will click open the photo whenever i accidentally touches it. Quite annoying huh. This doesn’t happen in Apple iphone. 

update: This problem is solved by Settings > Display > Glove mode

Thanks so much Aniki (view comments below blog)

2) Too bad Xiaomi Mi3 Malaysia only have grey color phone only.

Here’s my selfie picture, great resolution, in this picture using filter i’ve reduce to 500 px from 1080px. It’s great for female especially when you’re snapping selfie photo, it will show you which angle reflect the most younger looking with age indicator. I’m 35 yr old and look at my age, no make up. Lol,

rosamund-reduce-500px rosamund-reduce-500px01

Other photos capture here: Xiaomi Mi3 Sample Photos or Xiaomi Mi3 Sample Pictures

Photo 1

Photo 2

Video using Xiaomi mi3

With this really attractive price RM889 (below RM1k), with such great specs, and such camera resolution, one word to describe it EXCELLENT! (Where else can you find such price with such spec right?)

But if you’re waiting for Iphone 6, it’s coming either in June or September 2014, or if you prefer Sony Xperia Z2 it’s expensive around RM2399. If price is your concern, or simple doesn’t want to spend more than 1k on phone, get Xiaomi, great spec, great camera, great phone. Even Steve Wozniak (the man behind Apple, together with Steve Jobs developed Apple Inc) is now using Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone in his daily basis.

FYI, Hongmi  (RM500) going to release in June this year, while xiaomi Mi3S also this year (After clearing xiaomi mi3 stock first)

See spec here

If you missed the first batch of Xiaomi on 20th, Here’s another one coming on Tomorrow 27th May 2014 (sharp 12 noon).

Payment is via paypal connected with your credit card. Get ready your address. Choose Bundle or Phone Only. If you wanna buy power bank, then click on power bank tab. There isn’t much time to click on power bank and phone. So be wise in your timing. After items added to cart, it will show (1), click on Orders, and make your payment.

Mi3 restocked to 6000 sets while powerbank 5000 unit. They won’t be enough for everybody so you need to be really quick!. Since a lot of people will be surfing on that one site xiao mi malaysia, so server will be overloaded.

xiaomi-mi3-malaysia xiaomi-mi3-malaysia-bought xiaomi-mi3-malaysia-bought01 xiaomi-mi3-malaysia-bought02 xiaomi-mi3-malaysia-bought03 xiaomi-mi3-malaysia-bought04 xiaomi-mi3-malaysia-bought05 xiaomi-mi3-malaysia-bought06 xiaomi-mi3-malaysia-bought07 xiaomi-mi3-malaysia-bought09 xiaomi-mi3-malaysia-bought12 xiaomi-mi3-malaysia-bought08 xiaomi-mi3-malaysia-bought10 xiaomi-mi3-malaysia-bought11

Maxis has revealed on its official website that it will be taking pre-orders for Xiaomi Mi 3 on 30 May 2014.


“According online media news, the Xiaomi Mi4 is scheduled to be released end of this year.

Being the next-generation flagship phone, we can expect the Xiaomi Mi4 to use latest and most powerful hardware, but it will also use sapphire crystal glass for its display.

Not only Apple and Xiaomi, but many other phone companies are also planning to use Sapphire Crystal Glass on their high-end devices.

The main feature of Sapphire Crystal Glass over the more dominat alternative Corning Gorilla Glass is, that it’s much more scratch resistant.”


Another source said it’s gonna release in 2014 Nov, here

Xiaomi launched its first Android based smartphone in 2011 called the Mi-One, followed by the Mi2 in 2012 and the 2013 Mi3.” So, i think it will probably release Mi4 in 2014!!

Update: How to insert sim card into Xiaomi Mi3

16 thoughts on “Bought Xiaomi mi3 Malaysia

  1. Hi. I’ve managed to order the bundle set of XiaoMi Mi3 . Would you tell me what’s the blue piece of plastic used for ? Thank you .

    1. Hi Xuan
      Is to remove static.
      Static attract dust particles.
      So this blue thing is “Anti-static Screen protector film” to remove dust particles.

  2. just got mine yesterday, im like a kid touching here and there…hahahaha

    by the way, where can i find the user manual?

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