[Solved] Adding work place in Facebook

“Where have your worked” in Facebook not working?

Having hard time adding your business page into your personal Facebook? You’re not the only one. i face this problem too. I have tried to enter my newly created Facebook Page into my personal profile and all it drop down is a lists of other facebook business pages.


Thought i waited for a few days for Facebook to process because mine is a newly created FB Page.

Well, there are ways to do it because no matter how long you wait for the result, it is still the same, you won’t be able to see your FB Page in the drop down.

  1. Go to your personal Facebook account.
  2. Go to “About” tab
  3. Scroll till the end at the bottom click on “See All”
  4. In Life Events click on “Add a Life Event”
  5. Choose Work & Education and click on “New Job”
  6. Key in your Facebook Business Page Name
  7. Click Save
  8. Refresh your personal Facebook account and you will see your company now visible in your work history.


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