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How to check your body ph level at home.

In a healthy individual, body ph level will always maintain at 7. Any numbers below or above means
the body is under stress for inflammation or sickness.

Testing should be done weekly if not daily for a person to check his health status. However, it’s
impossible to test this in a clinic environment on a weekly basis as this is time consuming and

The most easiest way is to get yourself pH Strips home test strips to test your urine and saliva.
Unlike normal litmus paper, quality ph fix indicator would not bleed and display accurate reading. Either
from 0-14 or from pH 4.5 to pH 9

Ideal urine pH reading according to medical practitioners is between pH 7 to pH 7.4 (pH 7.2 is the ideal reading).

The perfect timing to test is in the morning, your first urine PH test will show how you live your life
in the last 24 hours. Any continous reading below ph 5 is a concern as cancer begins at pH 5.5.

To overcome this acidity pH level of below 7 which will lead to cancer, you will need to change your diet and lifestyle to be more alkaline.

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