Excel formula for date time difference

How do you minus date and time to find the difference.Here’s the formula

excel date time difference

Click in column A, go to Format Cell

Under category choose Date

excel date time difference 01

Notice the single “H”, this is 12 hours if double “HH” means 24 hours

For this i’m selecting single “H”, you may remove it via User-defined if it appears in double “HH”


Then, copy column A1 to column B1 because you want the same formula

In column C1, input this =(B1-A1)*24 and press Enter

Note: I need this in 24 hours so i’m going to times 24, you can use =(B1-A1) if you want it to appears as 12 hours clock.

Then change the format to General. See photo below: Results total hours difference after deducting column B1 from A1

excel date time difference 02

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