Make your iphone smells like popcorn

Pop Secret brings you first ever popcorn scented mobile game, Poptopia.

This Pop Dongle is the first scented mobile game experience and works with Pop Secret’s new mobile game, Poptopia, where players try to pop as many popcorn kernels as possible can to please The Almighty Mouth.

The more you play Poptopia, the more this Pop Dongle emits freshly popcorn smell which you can get from eBay for US $96.00.


This scented dongle will emits delicious popcorn scent while you’re on the game. Real popcorn smell triggered into our nose and makes you go hungry and happy at the same time.

From 12/3/2013 – 12/13/13, you can get one of the limited Pop Dongles from popsecret.

Poptopia is available for FREE download on

How does it work?

1.) Download the game on an applicable device* by searching for “Poptopia by Pop Secret” on the App Store or by visiting

2.) Plug the Pop Dongle into an applicable iPhone or iPod touch*.

3.) Open Pop Secret’s Poptopia game, activate The Pop Dongle with top secret instructions (winning bidders will receive this in the mail), and swipe the butter character in the game to be rewarded with a spritz of real popcorn scent triggered by real popcorn action.

*Poptopia is designed for iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s and iPod touch (5th Gen).

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