iPad case for babies

Too busy to babysit a baby or just wants to keep them quiet? I know a lot of parents allowed their kids to engrossed in ipad games especially in shopping malls.

Here’s the new iPad case for babies from Fisher-Price just in time for Christmas. Infact Fisher Price learning toys has come up with their incredible invention of toys for infants called the “Newborn-to-Toddle Apptivity Seat for iPad”, it’s a baby seat that has a holder for iPad position in front of baby’s eyes.




Photo: Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity Seat for iPad by Fisher-Price (Amazon.com)

Pricing at $79.99, this seat has a 3 point restraint for safety to make sure babies can’t escape.

While a vast majority of parents are outraged by this idea and commented their disgusted feedback on this, urging Amazon to reconsider putting this product on sale on it’s website, quite a few find this invention a really good idea especially for those really busy parents.

According to American Pediatric Association, babies under 2 can’t process television in their brain. In fact, they should be exposed to development playtime with their parents. Moreover, they also added that excessive and early exposure to such screen time will linked to more health problem such as poor parent baby bonding, risks of heart attack, obesity, stroke, sleep disorder and much more.

Whether this invention really helps parents, it all depends on individual. Screening time should limit to a certain time for child learning while the rest of the time on outdoor activities.

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