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Delicious (formerly known as a social bookmarking site for storing, sharing and discovering web bookmarks.

It was founded by Joshua Schachter in 2003 and acquired by Yahoo! in 2005. It was later sold to AVOS Systems on April 27, 2011 and relaunched back on September 2007 that year as beta.

It uses tags for each bookmarks. Delicious is one of the MOST popular bookmarking site back then. It also provides import and export functions to users. It’s free to use.

Delicious continued its effort to be more social, by providing a Twitter Connector that allows users to connect their Twitter accounts to their Delicious accounts. This new feature allows links tweeted on Twitter to be automatically saved into the Delicious account


The downside of this online bookmarking site Delicious is unable to one click bulk delete all bookmark links. User still need to scroll down till the reach the bottom to edit and delete all links.

Other than that, it’s still a good bookmarking site.

You can see from the graph it’s really ONE OF THE MOST popular social online bookmarking site. Now, it’s no longer that popular, yet some users still continue to use it. I’m still using it but i have to delete all the old outdated links. Can’t really find a bulk mass delete button anywhere in their website. So i just scroll down right until the bottom then click on edit and select visible to delete ALL my old bookmarks back in the year 2005!.

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