5 Funniest Useful Invention

Banana Stand Phone

Place this banana under your phone and it’ll hold up your iphone. It’s really handy especially when you’re having a drink
outside. It’s small and you could just slip it inside your bag, no one will notice it. An invention by Fred & Friends.


Holy Toast Bread Stamper

Emboss your toast with this angel looking holy stamper. Amen. Just imagine you could serve this every morning!


Baby Volume Pacifier

It’s a cool looking pacifier for your baby especially those who loves to scream a lot.


Coq Au Vin Wine Stopper

Weird way to have this rubber chicken shape as a wine stopper. It’s the newest wine stopper invention in Fred & Friends.


Egg Minder Tray

Egg Minder smart egg tray will track the number of eggs remaining in carton and recommend which ones to use first.

The Egg Minder tray can hold up to fourteen eggs and syncs with a smartphone for instant, on-the-go information, such as how many eggs are remaining in the carton. LED lights in the tray next to each egg will indicate the oldest egg (based on when they were placed in the carton) and push notifications sent to the smartphone will alert you when the egg supply is running low.

Invented by: Rafael I. Hwang

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