Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur Valuation List Letter

DBKL Valuation List Letter 2013

We received this letter today in our mail box from Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) on “Notice of Revision of the Valuation List” (Notis Menyekak Semula Senarai Nilaian).  As this is the first time we received such letter, me and my husband decided to consult our management of our condominium regarding this letter.

Dewan Bandaraya Valuation Letter

Dewan Bandaraya

First of all, if you paid for your 2 years once (January) and (June) payment to Cukai Taksiran, then you’ll now know this letter is a proposal to increase yearly value payment from RM5040 to RM8400 (an increase of 66%).

the annual cukai pintu is USUALLY about one month’s rental worth for the property.

You can use this calculator to check how many percentage increase

[calc id=2825]

Check back in your “Bil Cukai Taksiran”. (Photo Below)

Dewan Bandaraya Cukai Taksiran

Source: Teresa Kok’s Facebook

Dear friends,

Some of you asked me how to write objection letter to DBKL to protest against the assessment hike.

Here is a sample letter for you to follow.

You put your particular in the blank space and submit to DBKL together with a photocopy of your DBKL assessment bill.

You can also submit to my service center at Kuchai Entrepreneur’s Park (tel: 03-7983 6768) and we will compile it and send to DBKL.
Please share this.
Letter template


DBKL provide toll free line 1-800-220-833 (office hours only) for property owners to check, query, get more information regarding “Notice of Valuation of Property List

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  1. Hi Rosamund,

    Can I fill up the protest letter and scan and email it to you? I read in the papers today that we can email DBKL with our protest letters, but there was no address provided.

    Would appreciate it if you’d be able to advise me.


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