Female Siri Voice Actress Susan Bennett

Meet the female voice for Siri, Actress Susan Bennett

Ever wonder who is the female voice behind Siri? The voice behind Apple’s Siri is Susan Bennett. For 2 years, she had been giving directions to iPhone users and respond to quirky comments.

Apple fans finally knows who is the woman behind this voice. Susan Bennett is a voice over actress who lives in Atlanta. She had done over dozen of voice overs sinces the 70s and this voice appeared for commercial advertisements, GPS systems and even Delta Air Lines terminals.

Bennett told CNN in order to create voice for Siri, she had to read a lot of senseless lines for 4 hours daily throughout July 2005.

At times, she gets bored and which is also the reason Siri sounds as thought she’s got some attitude.

Bennett mentioned that she had no idea what’s the recordings was used for, she said she was doing for a company called GM Voices which she had been working for many times before this.

Later in the years, when Apple announced Siri, her collegues sense her voice and ask her “Isn’t that you?”

“Oh, I knew,” she said. “It’s obviously me. It’s my voice.”

As more Apple user upgrade their device to ios 7, Bennett told CNN user will somedaly be able to program their own voice assistants themselves.

“I really see a time when you’ll probably be able to put your own voice on your phone and have your own voice talk back to you,” she said. “Which I’m used to, but maybe you aren’t.”

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