Free Online Meeting Sites

Are you searching for online web based meeting especially free ones for your company or communities? You’ve come to the right place, because i am also looking for this type of free net meeting sites. I’ve spend few hours today researching via the internet for the best tool and i’ve come to a conclusion.. Great features comes with a price!

So far here’s a few free web conferencing sites:




Pro: Computer screen sharing, files (PDF and Powerpoint file sharing), Poll, lock meeting, schedule meeting.

Cons: Limit to 200 attendees, ads included, no recording feature

So far anymeeting is the best if you have less than 200 attendees.

Wanna know how i test this out, i switch to user on my computer, this should do the trick if you need to test out.

Others i checkout is powered by, a free open source meeting online site and it’ll support as many as users depending on their processor and server which BigBlueButton recommended around 25 users. Basically, it’s the same as anymeeting, except it doesn’t have a poll and in my own opinion not as good as anymeeting in terms of features and layout.

Share with me if you happen to come across any free web based conferencing sites.

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