Requested song at Nasi Kandar Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman

Nasi Kandar Kudu, that’s the place we had our lunch that day during FT public holiday. Usually it’s quite crowded but that day was a very special day. We arrived there around 11 am and there were many empty seats. We ordered two nasi kandar rice and lamb, it was delicious!. Out of the blue, a street singer sang and strummed his guitar at the entrance of this restaurant. At first, i thought he was just an ordinary singer with normal voice, but he was different, he’s got talent!

After he sung a few songs, i fall in love with one of the songs. Here’s the song and i even requested a playback … I”m so happy because this the song i’ve been searching for a long long time.

A lady staff asked me whether i’m from Sabah? Maybe because i like Malay songs. Do i look like i’m from Sabah? lol

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