Komugi Bakery in Mid Valley

There is a new bakery in Midvalley and the most interesting about this bakery is that it’s a Japanese bakery. Sugoi!!! Means great! in Japanese language.

So what does Komugi means? It means “wheat” in english.

Komugi is in fact  a wholly-owned subsidiary of Focus Point Holdings Berhad which is listed on ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

It’s definitely worth a trip to Komugi and have a taste of Japanese breads and cakes which i find totally different from any other bakeries in Malaysia. Some of these breads are unique in their own texture and taste. It’s much tastier with real taste of wheat from their professional team of chef trained by an experienced Japanese chef. Equipped with advanced technology of baking, the bread are much more softer.

Komugi (Mid Valley)

LG 078, Lower Ground Floor (Tel: 03-2282 1994 Fax: 2282 1995)

Their apple cheese danish and croissant taste good!

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