How to walk to Mid Valley shopping mall from Bangsar Station

If you’re a female and alone, do not use this short cut. Take the bus instead.

It’s a shortcut walk to Midvalley by crossing 2 roads and linking bridges.

From Bangsar LRT cross over to UOA Bangsar office building, then walk pass Old Town kopitiam, cross a highway, cross another road then walk sideway straight on you’ll see an overhead bridge, cross that bridge and you’ll see flat. After passing several blocks of flats, you’ll see malay eating stalls, turn to your left and you’ll see a bridge linking to Midvalley.

Every Thursday, there will be night market (pasar malam) near the flat. In the walking map, you can see Bangsar Village shopping centre, it’s walking distance also.

It’s a 15 minutes walk using this short cut to Midvalley from Bangsar Lrt.

In a few years time, there will build a bridge connecting midvalley to kerinchi train station (a station after bangsar lrt train station).


Don’t bother taking KTM to midvalley, because you’ll have to wait at least an hour or more for the train to arrive and it’s usually very crowded.
It’s best to stop at Bangsar LRT station and either wait for FREE shuttle bus provided by Midvalley or take metro bus RM1 or rapidkl bus or taxi or walk together with a male partner using the above short cut. (DO NOT WALK ALONE – FEMALES)

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