How to go to KLCC, Pavilion, Sungai Wang, Lot 10 and Berjaya Times Square

How to walk from klcc to pavilion?…. It’s easy

This walking map is extremely important for tourist who need direction to this few major shopping malls in centre of Kuala Lumpur, KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre), Pavilion shopping mall, Sungai Wang shopping mall, Starhill shopping mall, Lot 10 shopping mall and Berjaya Times Square shopping mall.

Basically i walk to all these shopping malls without having to take a cab or taxi because it’s VERY expensive to hail a cab, they’ll will cut throat your wallet.

Do not worry as the distance between all these places are not far.

Normally if you need to go to KLCC, you’ll stop at KLCC PUTRA LRT station coz it’s just located inside the shopping center itself.

Then you’ll walk to Pavilion shopping mall via a tunnel linking from KLCC to Pavilion shopping mall.

If i’m too lazy to walk, i’ll stop at Dang Wangi PUTRA LRT station and walk to nearest monorail station (called Bukit Nenas station) and take the monorail and stop at Bukit Bintang Monorail station located at Sungai Wang Plaza shopping centre.

Or i’m in a hurry to buy a gadget i will always go to Lowyat Shopping Mall, because they sell affordable cheap computer peripherals, gadgets, phone and IT stuffs.

Here’s a walking map.

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What’s interesting in KLCC Shopping Mall?

Petronas Twins Tower

Skybridge walk

Branded clothes, ISETAN, Cold Storage Supermarket, Uniqlo, TGV Cinema, Borders book store and so on


What’s interesting in Pavilion Shopping Mall?

Branded clothes, Parkson, MPH book store, GSC cinema, Tokyo Street


What’s interesting in Lot 10?

Branded clothing

Hutong (The best non-halal eating places).  Recommended Food: Duck egg char kuey teow, Fried Oyster Omellette (Oh Chien)


What’s interesting in Sungai Wang Shopping Centre?

Daiso, Cheap clothes, cheap bags..Variety of shops


What’s interesting in Lowyat Plaza

IT stuffs, Phones (For peripherals, i prefer Sri Computer shop)


What’s interesting in Berjaya Times Square

Normal stuff like clothes, bags, and so on




I’m now at KLCC how can i go to Petaling Street China Town?

Take KLCC train and stop at Pasar Seni Station (also known as Central Market Station) and walk into Petaling Street China Town


I’m now at Sungai Wang and how can i go to Petaling Street?

Take a bus at Macdonald just opposite Sungai Wang Shopping centre and tell the bus driver that you need to go to Petaling Street.

I’m now at Berjaya Times Square how can i go to Petaling Street?

Walk back to Sungai Wang and take a bus from there (as above)

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