How to diet and loss weight fast

Our mind plays an important role in determining our weight. So in order to lose that inches you will need to change your food intake and lifestyle.

Always remember diet is a lifelong forever process..And you can never lose weight if you don’t exercise and choose your food correctly.



LESS as in smaller portion of food on your plate

Choose your food wisely and pick healthy food with less calories. Choose variety COLORS of food. Eat nuts, sesame seed..Raw veges, fruits ..

Go for organic vegetables as non-organic pesticide vegetables will convert to toxic thus it’s harder for your to lose weight.


Exercise more to strengthen your muscle, more muscles means more burning fats

Walk more instead of driving car

Climb more stairs

Avoid eating and watching TV at the same time because your brain can’t function well thus unable to send a signal of fullness.

10 Additional tips to speed up your metabolism aka burning those calories easily!

1) Avoid drinking cold water

(Why? ..Cause drinking cold water will slow down your metabolism)

2) Avoid drinking liquid after eating

(Why? … when your hungry, your stomach produce acid to digest your food, if you drink your acidity will be lower thus slows down metabolism rate)

3) Avoid drinking commercial beverages of any kind

(Why?.. sugar makes you fat, colouring, flavouring produces toxin in your system thus make us fatter as those toxin buildups)

4) Avoid eating outside food

(Why?.. We know outside food loaded with sugar, salt, MSG and all that produces toxins)

5) Avoid smoking

(Why? .. Produces toxins and causes cancer)

6) Avoid eating stir fry, fried, grill, sugary, salted, flour, canned food, oil food

(Why? .. FRIED actually increases our age and increase cancer rate called “carcinogen”, the more we eat fried, the older we look, our skin looks bad and now you know why you look older.)

P/S: With combination of healthy food and exercise you’ll look much more younger than your age!

7) Go for lightly steam vegetables to maintain it’s nutrients

(Why?.. We know vitamin C is destroy when we cooked in high heat, therefore, lightly steam maintain it’s nutrients.)

8) Avoid milk as it’s fattening

(Why?.. Commercial milk consist preservatives, colouring, flavouring to taste and looks better, and plus it adds on fats to us, making us gain weight for each cup of milk, full cream or low fat in actual fact also add on to our weight. Cows milk is meant for calf aka baby cow to gain weight as fast as possible. Therefore cows milk are not meant for human consumption, if you really need to drink milk, go for coconut milk.

9) Avoid FLOUR food, biscuits, cookies, bread all these will make one fatter.

(Why?.. Eating flour will stick to your colon, prolong eating will make one fat) So if you like to eat flour food, be prepared to exercise more than 1 hour to 2 hours each day

10) In conclusion, what do we eat?

Raw vege, lightly steam veges, fruits, nuts, seeds.. tempeh (for protein), homemade kimchi (fermented probiotic food).. brown rice (once a day only as human are not meant to feed on rice and flour)

And one extra important FACTS for woman.

Toxin from cosmetic, hair care, skin care products add on toxin to our skin and making it impossible for woman to decrease those fats and prolong usage of these products will lead to wrinkles, skin damage, and cancer because of it’s ingredients. Although some cosmetic products claims it’s organic, it will still need some of those ingredients to produce these chemical products. Without chemical, these products cannot be produce at all.

So now we can ditch cosmetic, skin care, hair care products and go for natural beauty, shampooless, no poo, soapless for our body.


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