Donation for Animal Shelter in Malaysia

Christmas is coming soon. Come and let us all give our love and caring for these poor animal.

Leon, the poor creature. He used to stray around the crowded wonderland for human being ‘Legoland’. A place of amusement that we would go to enjoy and have fun. While we are having fun there, nobody realize that there are many stray animals nearby were died of starveness.Leon was spotted by a Malay security guard. Leon was terribly starved exhausted lying in front of the Legoland’s entrance. The Malay security guard was stunted by the condition of Leon but doesn’t know what to do with this poor doggy. He contacted HOPE for solution.

The first sight when we saw skinny Leon, he was lying beside the entrance. He was not able to do fundamental movement to his body at all. Obviously, he had starved and suffered for days! We immediately hold poor Leon in arms and rushed him to the vet.Leon was badly malnutrition. Luckily was being sent for treatment in time, any delay will took away Leon’s life by starveness. Leon was hospitalized and given proper nutrient to regain his health.Leon had discharged and recuperating in the shelter. But he is too weak and malnutrition to neither stand and walk nor even eat! Thus, he has to eat supplement daily from vet. He is too weak to chew and eat hard food. Though, his food has to soaked soft then only he is also to swallow. We are providing Leon with special nutritious can food now, poor Leon even has to be spoon feed by the worker too!Leon’s befall was very sympathize. Let’s pray hard for Leon, wishing him to get well soon quickly become an active happy boy!There are lots of poor stray animals like Leon out there who live in hunger and die of starveness!

When you happen to see any stray animal on the street, if you are not able to keep them. Please at least spare them a meal! Your kindness will be the greatest gratitude for them! Your kindness of meal not only helps them to replenish their energy but to keep their precious life alive! Thank you!

Your every donation enables us to provide medical help for poor stray animal like Leon. Nevertheless, our medical expenditure is rising and accumulating in astonishingly speed. Each and every donation is a token of HOPE for the stray animal.We sincerely hope that the public would support our mission of rescue. Without your support, we are unable to provide necessary medical help to these stray animals who’s truly in need of help.

You may make donations via their website

Your contribution will ensure that we have the means to continue with the quality care that these dogs require and deserve, and that you will be instrumental in giving them a second chance at life. Thank you!!!

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