Quikpod handheld convertible tripod

Do you wish you can snap that special moments together with your love ones in a single photo?

No longer having all the trouble bringing tripod and spending minutes to setup a tripod stand every time again. Now you can have a compact camera tripod handheld convertible tripod. It’s comes with a handle for and self image mirror for easier adjustable height. Apart from that, an extension stainless steel extension arm allow as long as 38.5″ or 98cm. With it’s extention, you’ll be able to capture beautiful scenery of flower from this angle. It’s lightweight,easy to carry, quick and easy to use. Additional items for travelling accessories for this quikpod provided are travelling bag, hiking clip, tripod leg and a wrist strap.

Here’s the specification for Quikpod

Key Features:
  • The Quik Pod Explorer+ is quick and easy to use!
  • Extending the camera distance between the camera lens and subject will create properly proportioned facial images and will diffuse the flash lighting when a flash is used.
  • The Quik Pod Explorer+ enables you to capture self-images and the background scenery that you wish to include.
  • The finished photos and videos will appear to have been taken with the help of another person or by a traditional tripod.
  • Your arm will not appear in the photo and will be in a comfortable position.
    The Quik Pod Explorer+ is manufactured using high quality polycarbonate, stainless steel and aluminum construction for strength and portability.
  • The Quik Pod Explorer+ can be used in all weather conditions. Weighs only 130 grams.
  • The Quik Pod Explorer+ fits all cameras and camcorders.
  • Built-in self-image positioning mirror
  • Stainless Steel Arm with:
    Retracted length – 23cm (9.25 in)
    Extended length – 98cm (38.5 in)
  • Weight – 130grams (4.6 oz) exclude mini-tripod.
  • Tripod Mount – Universal 1/4-20 screw
  • Max. support weight of camera – 370 grams (13 oz)

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