Guidelines to identify gay and lesbian symptoms

Malaysia’s Education Ministry had endorsed guidelines to help parents to identify gay and lesbian symptoms in their children. This is to help parents take corrective measures in their early growth and development.

These guidelines list 4 symptoms for each gay and lesbian:

Gay symptoms
With muscular body and likes to show their muscles by wearing V-neck sleeveless T-shirt.
Likes to wear colorful tight clothing
Attracted to men
Loves to bring big bags, same like women, when hanging out.

Lesbian symptoms
Attracted to women
Other than their female friends, they tend to avoid from other females
Likes to hangout, share food and sleep with woman.
No affection towards men

Once your children develop this kind of symptoms, attention should be given, the guidelines warn.

Watch America review on malaysia education ministry V-neck endorsement

A briyani shop here poked fun at the purported guidelines to spot gays and lesbians for schoolchildren by giving away free meals to men wearing tight-fitting V-neck T-shirts and carrying sling bags.

What started off as a pub conversation quickly set siblings and owners Herukh and Kubhaer T. Jeswant of the Fierce Curry House in Bangsar Utama to add some fun to their business and celebrate the diversity of their patrons.

“When the guidelines came out, we thought it was ridiculous.

“But instead of joining in the fray to condemn it, we thought it would be an interesting concept to give out free briyani meals to the first 15 men who walk in with a V-neck and a man-bag,” said Herukh, who publicised his offer on Facebook.

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