Review on Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie

There are many vegetarians restaurant in Malaysia. Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie at Tropicana City Mall just open their vegetarian restaurant concept few days ago (14/8/2012 ). If yo’re using secret recipe cash voucher to purchase food from this secret recipe outlet, i’m afraid you’re not allow to do so, because it’s different from the normal “Secret Recipe” outlet.

All their food served are different from the normal Secret Recipe restaurants, totally 100% different!

So far, we tried sesame spaghetti, taste good. But if you start comparing with those normal spaghetti, of course the normal ones taste much better. By the way, this sesame sauce is quite delicious…

As for their signature superior soup noodle, taste bland! I think my home cooked celery + carrot + cabbage soup taste much much better than their “superior soup”.

My review for Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie for:

Sesame Spaghetti 7/10

Margharita Pizza 7/10 (very cheesy)

Signature Superior Soup Noodle 1/10

Click here to see Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie Menu

Address: LG 37,Ground Floor Tropicana City Mall, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Tel: 03-7722 1680

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