Maggi Malaysia Contest Winner

(Winner for Maggi Malaysia Contest –  Secret Recipe Cash Voucher worth RM50)

We are delighted to be the first 3000 consumers to try Maggi Malaysia Maggi Mi Goreng New Flavor – Kari Ori & Cili Lazat. It was simply delicious! Thanks Chin Hong for inviting me and also thanks Maggi for sending over their latest new flavour Maggi Mi Goreng and also for Secret Recipe Vouchers worth RM50 for the first 50 individuals. Nestle is indeed a great brand, I’ve win a really big hamper before this, long time ago. I wish i can win a big hamper again in the future if i’m that lucky!

It’s really hardwork to pose for these photos using a tripod, just to snap the “great moments” and to get in the mood of enjoying the Maggi Mi Goreng New Flavor.

Keep up the good flavor and yummy food.

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