Ukrainian Barbie Plastic Surgery Valeria Lukyanova

Have you heard of the real human live size Barbie Doll? She’s a ukranian girl by the named of Valeria Lukyanova, 21 year old and she describe herself as the most famous woman on Russian language internet.

Valeria’s barbie doll looks focus on her tiny waist line and her super size boobs. In addition, her eyes are so large that it make her look plastic like. Some said her plastic feature is achieved by photoshopped. What do you think? Is she a fake or real?

According to Valeria statement:

“My waist is slim due to my raw food diet, the fact that I eat very, very little, and of course my good genes. My looks are because of hard work for many years and good genes. Do not believe the rumors about plastic surgery. I live a healthy lifestyle,” she wrote on her YouTube account.

Valeria’s fans comes mostly from France and elsewhere in other Europe countries.

Here’s Valeria Lukyanova’s Facebook page

Valeria Lukyanova’s Youtube Channel Amatue

Valeria Lukyanova website

Enjoy Valeria Lukyanova’s video

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