Director detained for publishing Irshad’s book

Ezra Zaid, Director of ZI Publishing House will share his recent arrest and detention by JAIS, and on why the now highly controversial Irshad Manji book entitled “Allah, Kebebasan dan Cinta” has been banned.  Source: LoyarBurok

New York, 25 May 2012
The Malaysian government’s ban of Allah, Liberty and Love is not just a disappointment; it is an insult to a new generation of Malaysians. Censorship treats citizens like children. Censorship denies human beings their free will to think for themselves.

The irony is that this book makes the case for faith. It empowers readers to reconcile Allah and freedom, showing that Muslims can be independent thinkers and profound believers in a loving God.
The Quran asks that we be humble in our interpretations, since only Allah knows the full and final Truth. There is nothing humble about banning ideas. Disagree with them, argue with them, even protest them. But to prohibit them from being expressed is a sure sign of insecurity. Banning Allah, Liberty and Love will only draw more attention to the very ideas that threaten the government’s fragile ideology.

I am happy to say that Malaysians can still access the digital version of Allah, Liberty and Love. They can also visit to download, free of charge, the Bahasa translation of The Trouble with Islam Today – my previous book which the government has also banned.


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Home Ministry bans Irshad Manji’s book

Director detained for publishing Irshad’s book

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