How to clean comb

Healthy hair is important for everyone. Dirts can clog into your hair follicle and this could limit hair growth, that’s why it’s very important to clean your comb when it’s dirty.  I’m sure everyone owns a personal comb or hair brush which they kept in their handbags, house or even inside car, but when is the last time you clean your dirty comb? As for me, i seldom clean my comb unless i really can’t stand it.

Cleaning a comb can be difficult and time consuming if you use the wrong kind of method for example a “Toothbrush”. Previously, i cleaned my comb using an old toothbrush and hairs and dirts starts to gather and stick to it and making it harder for me to remove dirts from the comb.

Photo: Gross looking toothbrush with hairs and dirts sticking to it.

As I was cleaning my comb with this toothbrush, suddenly i thought of using a raffia string. Well, it works wonderfully! Dirts are removed easily using this raffia string by working with both hands back and front through gaps in between of comb under running water.

Try this method if you plan to clean your comb next time.

Photo: Raffia String and comb

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