Steve Job Documentary Full Video

Steve Job will always be in our mind, heart and soul for his powerful invention and his dedicated life for Apple. Today i’m going to share full documentary video all about the life of Steve Job. His ups and downs from founder of Apple, being fired from his own founded company Apple (co-founded with Steve Wozniak), built another startup and went into Hollywood and bought Pixar and came up with blockbuster film “Toy Story” Animation Film, another great invention ipod, ipad till the day he left his position because of his illness.

This documentary is so incredible and motivational for everyone out there who wants to achieve something in their life by following Steve’s believes “Think Different”

Share with us about your thoughts after viewing this video. One thing that i’m quite uncertain is whether Apple’s brand was invented because Steve’s love of fruits?

Anyhow, i’m quite certain if Steve lives on,  he’ll invent more incredible gadgets, all because he’s one and only person who think differently with a mission to “Change the world”

Another video on Steve Jobs. MUST WATCH!!!

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