Does red meat causes cancer

Eating red meat have always been linked with cancer causing or several types of cancer and heard disease, according to a study done by Dr. Frank B. Hu, a professor of medicine at Harvard. The analysis shown data from 2 studies that involved 121,342 men and woman filling up questionnaires about health and diet from 1980 to 2006. There were 23,926 deaths in the group, including 5,910 from cardiovascular disease and another 9,464 from cancer.

Based on his conclusions, higher consumption of meat will increase risk of dying over cardiovascular and cancer.

As from my own opinion, i don’t agree with his studies. Mainly is because eating meat alone do not cause all these deaths unless ones use cooking oils, seasonings and cook it over high heat. We are aware that cooking produce carcinogen and this components will lead to cancer. While cardiovascular is caused by cooking oil.

So to say, meat doesn’t increase cardiovascular and cancer unless we human starts to eats them in ‘process’ way.

Have you ever seen a tiger died of cardiovascular disease? No, because they kill their prey and eat it raw. Not only that, they have to run a few miles just to consume their food. Plus, they only eat when they are hungry. As compared to human, we rely on cars to take us to our destination without making any sweat and have the waiter serving us food. In addition, we human eat for pleasure and not for hunger.

See the difference and you’ll know why we human are getting obese day by day by consuming all nonsense food from the creation of food industries just to get money out from your pocket.

Feeding us and making us sick.

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