Virtual Shopping Mall in Sydney

Woolworth’s launches it’s virtual supermarket in Sydney to let customers buy groceries using their mobile phone.

The virtual supermarket displays varieties of products on the wall of Town Hall Station situated in the central Sydney.

Virtual Shopping Mall

Using an iphone customers can view good on display on walls of the station, then buy them using Woolworths apps on their mobile device. Woolworths will then delivery their goods to customers home with a delivery fee charge.

According to Woolworths Director of Supermarkets, Tjeerd Jegen, said the walls of Town Hall Station would feature more than 120 of Woolworths’ most popular products across all product categories, including its fresh food.
“Sydney commuters going through Town Hall station will be the first in Australia to experience the cutting edge of supermarket innovation,” he said.

The process of purchasing a virtual goods is easy, users who downloaded or update Woolworths App on their smartphone will need to scan product barcodes off the virtual supermarket wall, add items into their shopping list or virtual shopping cart online then pay for the goods which are then delivered.

The latest trend of virtual online shopping will become a popular concept for busy executives lifestyle to purchase their goods while commuting in railway stations.This will tend to make their life easier and saving in time.

Another advantages of virtual malls over a physical mall is their ability to let customers to order their items or goods anytime of the day even after department store business operating hours.

In addition, these interactive virtual ads for online shopping deals will open a whole new world for viral online marketing campaigns. People can now easily share products they like and dislikes among their friends on social media platform at any locations even on bus stop.

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