Green Plaza Shinjuku Capsule

Capsule hotels Green plaza shinjuku capsule are a type of hotel where guests sleep in a coffin shape capsules room. It’s created to cater for Japanese businessman who often heavily drunk with their buddy drinking sessions with their co-workers and suddenly realize they missed the last train.

It’s cheaper and convenient for them to stay in this Shinjuku capsule hotels rather than paying an expensive rate for a normal room.This special capsule hotel provide locker for their customer to store their briefcase and belongings.

The size of this capsule is about 2 meters in length, and a metre in both width and height.

Capsule hotel price is cheap 3,500 yen ($40) per night only.

A total of 630 capsulre rooms equipped with free internet LAN cable and it’s the only hotel that has a spa facilities in Shinjuku central area. 5 minutes walking distance is all it takes to reach there from JR and subway Shinjuku station.

In addition, there are also amenities such as TV, radio, alarm clock and adjustable lighting.

Each one of these capsules are fully air conditioned and equipped with TV (by SHARP AQUAS), Shampoo, soap, tooth brush, towel, razor and robe are also provided. As well as outdoor bath and jacuzzi, sauna, restaurants to name a few.

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