Cold Calling Software Applications

Cold calling leads management helps you to keep all your datas into one place.

No longer have to load a slow excel files and perform a slow search anymore.

By using this sales management cold calling leads management software applications, it will handle most job for you.

Do you know your excel files can corrupt anytime and you could lose all your leads?

Using this web based software application it’s guaranteed to secure all your leads.

Not only that, we have an additional back up for you by clicking on download it will automatically download into an excel file in .csv for your safe keeping.

You can now log in and search or create leads anywhere as long as you have an ipad, wireless connection or computer with internet connection. No more carrying loads of excels files on your thumbdrive.

Unlimited users can login at the same time.

We take data security very seriously and have developed a comprehensive set of practices, technologies to help ensure your data is secure. With double security where you can download yourself for safe keeping, it’s even more SECURE!

Unlimited leads can be stored from now on with only RM550 a year! We support local business as well as international business

Take a demo before purchase here

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