How to add Youtube video into your Linkedin

Adding youtube video into your Linkedin page is very easy. I’ll show you a pictorial step by step on how to add youtube video into your Linkedin Page. However, there’s a flaw because after you add this video into your page. This video will autoplay meaning to say when people load your Linkedin page, the music video will starts to play. Can you imagine ¬†if someone load your page in the office with full blast loud speaker ūüėõ
Take a look at my Linkedin Profile Demo [Need to login to Linkedin to view the video youtube & View Full Profile in order to work]

View Aileen  Wo's profile on LinkedIn

1) Login to your Linkedin
2) Go to More. Select Get More Applications
3) Click on SlideShare Presentations

4) Make sure you put a check on both : Display on my profile & Display on LinkedIn homepage. Then click on  Update Settings.
5) Create a New Account if you don’t have it. Go thru the process.
6) Now, open a presentation in your Microsoft Powerpoint. As for me, I’m using Open Office, so it’s “Presentation”. Create an empty presentation. And save it.
7) Go to your Slideshare. Upload your newly created empty Presentation.
8) After successfully uploaded. Go to your My Uploads and Edit your video.
9) Go to Edit Youtube Videos. Enter Youtube Video URL. Insert the Video to Before Slide 1
10) Insert and Publish
I’ve just finish making a video tutorial step by step guide for this.

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