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Google Malaysia is now on their way targeting 50,000 small and medium enterprise (SME) to encourage them to bring their business online through their Get Malaysia Business Online programme.
Under this programme, 10,000 websites will be created by owner themselves free of charge and a free RM200 of Google Adwords coupon will be offered for the first 50,000 business who sign up.
Plus, domain registration is valid for 1 year period and will be able to be renewed at RM 23 per year for lifetime period.
This programme is a collaboration initiative by Google Malaysia with support from our government agency MCMC (Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission, .my Domain Registry and ITrain Malaysia Sdn Bhd.
Before a business can use their website, certain criteria must be met first:

  • Participant must be SME’s company of sole proprietor, joint proprietor, Sdn. Bhd. entity, any agency or association verified by SSM.
  • Participant must submit valid self and company information during registration, or else the domain name will not be approved.
  • Participant must prepare to submit their company SSM certificate if being requested.
  • Each company or entity will only be entitled to 1 domain registration under GMBO project
  • Participant are not allowed to change Mynic Domain Invoicing Party to other company. Invoicing party must stay as RockSoft Sdn. Bhd. to avoid domain suspension.
  • Participant are entitled to RM 23 per year discounted domain renewal fees for lifetime only if domain invoicing party stay as RockSoft Sdn. Bhd.

Review on

The information on this website represents my personal opinion. My opinion may differ with other people’s opinion. We offer web design service at ProBudgetWebDesign a budget web design company in Malaysia. 
In my personal opinion, a website is a branding an image to represent your company as a whole. Free doesn’t always necessary guarantee results you’ll get in the end. We know good things doesn’t comes free. This applies to all area of your life, business and others. I always believe you get what you pay for. The more you give out, the more return you’ll get. Fixing a design for all business as what you seen in this programme is a sure way to limit your business website appearance as your website will be seen as your competitors in the same area. But if you’re hiring a company who does a  custom web design at an affordable price plus all the personalized support you’ll get and designed according to your taste and expectations. Why not?

Customizing designs suitables for the area of your industry does reflect and attract more customers to visit and buy from you. Not only that, ProBudgetWebDesign had analyze and research based on popular websites on the layout and positioning of each features in our package deal. Website positioning is important to maximize your sales at the end of the day. And your website needs to be able to show clean and nice position on different browsers and need to fit perfectly when it appears on iphone and ipad. All these factors will determine your website rankings in google search.
In conclusion, Free or paid for a website design company is really up to your own preference. But i have to rephrase this “You get what you pay for and pay for what you get”.

Lacking in features

Overall is good, but it’s lacking in some features. What do you guys think? Comment about your thoughts on this programme in my comment box below.
1) Search – There is no search features available for your customer to search on your products
2) Advanced Search – No advance search to locate products according to types or brands
3) Facebook Sharing – When your customer shares out your product to Facebook using facebook sharing on your site. Description is unclear on what products is sharing (as shown on the image below).
I’ve added Facebook Sharing code into this and it’s now showing “Share this link” to facebook, however, it’s showing Notices … , it’s not showing the type of product i wanted to share to my facebook.
4) Fixed Header Image – You can’t change your header image because it’s fixed according to their provided templates
5) Fixed Product Border – Unable to change product borders for each images border
6) Fixed Border size and width – Fixed border size where you can’t edit or control how it appears (see below image)
7) Unimpressive slideshow – Its fix as default, it’s appears as it is here without any styling in css. You can’t change it.

Get Malaysia Business Online Admin Page

Now let’s explore their internal admin section, the most important section where user will need to add, edit, delete and upload by themselves and how their website will be shown and layout to their potential customer.

Here you can add numbers of pages yourself by Adding new page and renaming each one.
You can resize each blocks by percentage and splits each blocks, move it left or right.
After i’ve split the block, i’m unable to combine it. So i have no choice but to remove the block first. Guess i’ll need to start all over again ~sigh~

See i’ve splitted the blocks into 4 parts in “Our Products”
So, on each content block, i can add Text / Image / Photo Gallery / Videos / Products Lists / Contact Us

You can display your products in table display as above

Or you can display your products in listing form as above. Other than that you can even enlarge each products image.
You can also add to cart and checkout. Proceeding to checkout will basically email your buyer via email instead of a payment gateway.

Once your buyer customer fills out the Contact Us form or checks out with the shopping cart feature, you will receive an SMS notification.

In dashboard, you can even view statistic report of your website

Look below i’ve change my design using one of their templates given, and this is how their slideshow looks like
Basically, it’s a slideshow where one will be able to click “Next” to the next images or go backward by clicking “Previous”.

Enter captions for each images for your slideshow

Visitor will need to click Next if they want to view all images. Unimpressive fix slideshow.

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