Dell LCD monitor yellow thin

First it was the HP Officejet J3500 Series All in one printer giving problems with out of catridge so we bought a new catridge, it works good, but after a while, paper jam and now we can’t even print. Called up HP repair centre for out of warranty whether they’ll fix the roller problem coz it’s not feeding in the papers, they said they don’t have repair centre. Fine.

Now it’s the Dell LCD monitor with vertical yellow thin line from bottom to downward. Although it’s under warranty, Dell only “refurbish” meaning to say they will take other’s second hand fixed monitor and give it to you the next working day delivered right to your doorstep. It’s not fine at all, those delivered are not in good conditions.
If you ask me whether i’ll purchase these 2 big brands? NOOOOOOOO
I’ll never purchase DELL and HP ever again!!

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