How to open durian (with video)

Since July this year i’ve been consuming so many durians up to today. Most of the durians i’ve tried are of Kampung, D24, 101, Tawar or “Chuk Keuk” in Chinese. Some we bought and some my dad bought for us. At one time, we ate for 3 days Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and lastly we suffered from stomach discomfort at night.
We learnt our lesson well and i’m going to show you how to choose durians, video of me showing how to open durian with hands and using a knife, and how to determine which line to cut and when is the right time to open a durian.
Photo: Rosamundwo with 12 durians
You don’t have to open all in a day . Wait until the bottom part breaks open when it’s ripe and open one by one.
Remember to choose yellowish coz yellowish color durian means “partially ripe”

When is the right time to open a durian

This durian is ripe

This durian is ripe, but the opening is still too small, wait for a few days

This opening is big enough, you should open this first.
How to detect durian lines

This is the lines you can use a knife to cut it if you want to eat it. Usually a fully ripe durian can be easily open without using a knife. It’s easy to detect the lines, you’ll see a group of thorns together side by side.

Why durians have thorns?
Try placing a durian in a plastic bag and after few hours you’ll feel moist in your bag. Function of durian thorns is to release heat from inside to outside. This is the same concept of computer heatsink design to release heat from CPU.
Credit to Sumwai from tipstank who solve this puzzle.
Watch how i open a durian with my bare hands

Watch how i open durian using a knife

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