How to set Tiny Contact Form stylesheet css

I’ve downloaded Tiny Contact Form plugin from WordPress recently and there is one problem with the stylesheet css. It’s blank?!
Here’s what you should put into your stylesheet css Tiny Contact Form setting.
To: {replace with your own email}
Message OK: Thank you! Your message was sent successfully.
Message Error: Sorry. An error occured while sending the message!

Captcha: {put a tick here} use a little mathematic spam test like ” 12 + 5 = ”
.contactform {}
.contactform label {display:block;text-align:left;}
.contactform input {display:block;}
.contactform textarea {display: block;}
.contactform_respons {}
.contactform_error {}
.widget .contactform { /* same fields but in sidebar */ }

Place this short code into your page and your contact form will appear as below

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