How to change Google Adsense Account Email

Previously i had some difficulty in changing my Google Adsense Account Email. Therefore, due to some misunderstanding about my Google Adsense Disabled in my blog, they had sent an email notification to my inactive email account which i had left dormant for quite some time.
Let me share with you how to change your email in Google Adsense Account
Go to your “Account Settings” in your “inactive” Gmail (top right in your gmail)
Under “Dashboard”
Click on “View data stored with this account”

View under “Adsense”
Click on “Manage AdSense settings”
Select “My Account” (Here you’re divert to your Google Adsense Account)
Then, Go to “My Account” (in your Google Adsense Account)
Under “Language and Contact Preferences [edit]”
Select your preferred email here “Contact User:”
That’s all..
If you have difficulties feel free to contact me using my contact form or email to me directly

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