Tesco Virtual Supermarket

Hypermarket Tesco has designed a virtual supermarket in South Korea hoping to beat their competitor E-Mart.
According to report by the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development, Korean ranked 2nd most hardworking people in the world after Japan. Thus, Korean spent the least shopping time of at least 13 minutes as compare to the French who spends 32 minutes. Grocery shopping once a week, is said to be a dread for Koreans.
So, Tesco Homeplus had created a virtual Seoul subway stations to display and merchandise products exactly the same as the stores. Using QR codes, squares filled with black and white pattern, which are unique to the
product more or like a bar code which could be scanned to their smartphone and it will appears in their online cart. The product will be delivered right to their doorstep after they get home.
The futuristic technology application was developed with Chell Worldwide, an advertising and online development group.
See the latest Tesco Virtual Supermarket in action, watch the video below.

One thought on “Tesco Virtual Supermarket

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