Po Ling Temple Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur


Po Ling Temple to be exact or some people refer to as Guan Yin Temple/ Kuan Yin Temple is situated within walking distance from KLCC Petronas Twins Tower. You can take the LRT and stops at KLCC station. Don’t worry, it’s not that far.
I’m not 100% vegetarian and i’m not a meat lover too. But most of the time, i’ll try not to consume meat too much. I’ll try to hunt down vegetarian food whenever i eat outside. Po Ling temple is a great place for vegetarian, it’s cheaper and it’s delicious. Most of all, they serves the most delicious vegetarian mix rice with the option of white rice or fried rice, Hakka Lui char, noodles and different variety of vegetarian food on different days.
I have no idea why i adore their Vegetarian Char siew so much, it taste soooooo delicious. Look like a char siew but it isn’t pork!..
It’s cheaper eating in Po Ling temple compare to other food stall around Kuala Lumpur.  No wonder, we saw quite a number of “Ang Moh” there. By the way, always remember to take the right portion and don’t waste your food. After eating, we need to place our plates into a basin easier for workers to wash.
According to their timetable the opening hours starts from 11 am, they haven’t actually finish preparing their food yet. Therefore, it’s best to arrive around 11.40 am.

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