Obedient Wives Club in Malaysia

RAWANG, Malaysia — A Malaysian Muslim group has launched the “Obedient Wives Club” (Kelab Taat Suami) to teach women to be submissive and keep their spouses happy in the bedroom as a cure to social ills.
The club’s vice president, Rohayah Mohamad, says wives must learn to be good lovers so they can “obey, serve and entertain” their husbands to prevent them from straying or misbehaving.
Activists and politicians slam the club launched Saturday as misguided and a setback to the rights of Muslim women.
The club was founded by the Global Ikhwan group, which launched a Polygamy Club two years ago. Global Ikhwan comprises former members of the banned Al-Arqam Islamic sect. The government has said it is keeping an eye on the group amid concerns it could be an effort to revive the sect.

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