Ministry ban Lennox Firm-Up Collagen Drink

Stop taking Lennox Firm-Up Collagen Drink. It has been found contaminated with DEHP.

Another beverage has been found to be contaminated with the cancer-causing plastic additive diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP).

This time, it is the Lennox Firm-Up Collagen Drink.
The Health Ministry has instructed Leton Products (M) Sdn Bhd to withdraw its products as traces of DEHP was found in one of its ingredients, a grape-flavoured concentrate from Taiwan that is produced by CZC Bubble Tea Supplier.
The hazardous additive was also found in CZC’s strawberry syrup.

41 thoughts on “Ministry ban Lennox Firm-Up Collagen Drink

    1. Got this info from Guardian Facebook
      Dear Fans of Guardian,
      We thank you for all your feedback on Lennox – Firm Up and have referred to our supplier and MOH on the matter.
      We have been advised that ONLY batch no. F1104001 shall be withdrawn.
      Customer’s who purchased this batch (no. F1104001) from Guardian may return to the store with the original receipt for an exchange or refund.
      Should you require further information on Lennox Products, please do call Lennox Health Care at 03-61573232 (9.00am – 5.00pm only) alternatively you can email for assistance.
      Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  1. i have bought few boxes from guardian, with the batch number F1102002, should i continue to consume this product, or just dump it? any comment?

    1. You can try refund your product even though it’s batch number F1102002, giving them reason “no confidence” in Lennox brand. If they don’t want to refund, imo i would just dump it for health reason.

    1. Ann,
      According to Guardian Malaysia in their facebook, they will only refund those with batch no:F1104001 ONLY. Best you give them a call before you head over to their outlets for refund or else wasted your journey.

  2. Who keeps receipts? Why can’t consumers return the products without receipts …. the supplier must be sincere to recall back the products! Don’t just talk, but act !!

    1. Ling,
      Their latest status in Facebook is consumer can return the product with the batch no :F1104001 Only, with or without receipt
      “Guardian Malaysia Fans,
      Refund is only applicable for affected batch, which is ‘F1104001’. You may refund with or without receipt at any Guardian stores. For other inquiries of other batch you may refer to Lennox FirmUp Collagen or call their careline at 03-61573232.
      Friday at 12:16pm · Like”

  3. That mean only F1104001 got problem? Other batches can continue consume? Can ministry of health give us a clear explanation?

    1. Yup, tha’s why guardian inform us, only F1104001 got problem. Other batches according to Guardian are safe to consume. However, we consumer still not sure whether it’s really safe or not, if you require further explanation from the ministry. You can always call up

  4. I bought a one year stock from Sasa last year 2010 and i left 1 box and 3 bottles before my bestfriend warned me to stop consuming it today. Do u think i can still refund it back to Sasa? Any side effect after consuming products containing DEHP for nearly a year? I m really concerned about my health now..any advice? Thanks.

    1. Last year?.. Um, not sure about this.. i guess you have to contact Sasa company to enquire about your refund. As for your health, if your feeling okay no other symptom eg: vomit, stomach cramp and etc. I guess you’re still fine. Our human body are able to eliminate toxin, but if prolong intake say for 3 years and above, chances of getting cancer will be higher. And if you’re still concerned about your health, you can do a blood check for DEHP in any hospital or clinic.

  5. Call up Lennox and ask why only F1104001 batch are affected. It seems all this while they get their raw material from Japan, but when they produce F1104001 japan run out of raw material and introduce them to get this particular from Taiwan and then…….. this is what happend. So u think is reliable?

    1. Thanks for sharing this information with all of us. IMO, if they ran out of material and switch to Taiwan’s material, they should have acknowledge consumer about this and by the way, the price should tag lower for taiwan product vs japan product .. 😛

  6. this is the letter i cut and pasted for your view… they are misleading us again to cut down their lost what a shit! the letter stated that they have to recall all the batches starting from (dari nombor batch F1104001) not only F1104001 all they care is to make our money….!
    KEMENTERIAN KESIHATAN MALAYSIA KENYATAAN AKHBAR KETIGA BELAS STATUS TERKINI PEMANTAUAN PENCEMARAN DI (2-ETHYLHEXYL) PHTHALATE (DEHP) DAN DI-ISONONYL PHTHALATE (DINP) DALAM MAKANAN IMPORT DARI TAIWAN Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) ingin memaklumkan status terkini mengenai pemantauan makanan import dari Taiwan yang dicemari oleh DEHP. Hasil pemantauan KKM mendapati produk Lennox Firm-Up Collagen Drink dari nombor batch F1104001 yang dibotolkan untuk Leton Products (M) Sdn. Bhd. telah tercemar dengan DEHP. Sehubungan itu, KKM telah mengarahkan syarikat tersebut untuk menarik balik produk makanan daripada batch tersebut dengan kadar segera. Dari siasatan yang dijalankan oleh KKM di kilang syarikat berkenaan, didapati punca pencemaran DEHP adalah bahan mentah yang digunakan sebagai ramuan iaitu grape concentrate keluaran Taiwan yang dibekalkan oleh syarikat CZC Bubble Tea Supplier. Syarikat ini juga turut membekalkan strawberry syrup yang sebelum ini telah didapati tercemar dengan DEHP. Arahan tindakan penarikan balik telah dikeluarkan oleh KKM untuk produk grape concentrate dan strawberry syrup, manakala produk-produk lain keluaran Taiwan yang dibekalkan oleh syarikat ini sedang dianalisis. Dengan itu semua penjual dinasihatkan supaya memberhentikan penjualan produk Lennox Firm-Up Collagen Drink dari nombor batch F1104001 dengan serta-merta. Pengguna yang telah membeli produk berkenaan dinasihatkan untuk tidak menggunakan produk tersebut.
    KKM ingin menegaskan supaya semua pihak yang terlibat dalam industri makanan untuk meningkatkan kawalan keselamatan makanan dan mengambil langkah-langkah sewajarnya untuk memastikan produk makanan yang dijual di negara ini adalah selamat. Pada masa yang sama, KKM akan terus memantau makanan yang diimport dari Taiwan. Sebanyak 20 lagi produk makanan keluaran Taiwan bagi kategori makanan yang disyaki tercemar telah dianalisis dan disahkan tidak mengandungi DEHP seperti di Lampiran 1. Di samping itu, KKM juga menjalankan analisis ke atas 20 produk makanan kategori lain keluaran Taiwan yang diimport ke Malaysia dan disahkan tidak mengandungi DEHP seperti di Lampiran 2. Bagi memperkukuhkan lagi keselamatan produk makanan yang diimport dari Taiwan, KKM telah meningkatkan tahap pemeriksaan di pintu masuk bagi semua kategori makanan yang terbabit dalam Food Safety Information System of Malaysia (FoSIM) dari Tahap 4 (Survelan) ke Tahap 5 (Tahan, Uji dan Lepas). Manakala produk makanan keluaran Taiwan selain dari kategori terbabit masih dikekalkan di Tahap 4 (Survelan).
    Berkuatkuasa 1 Julai 2011 KKM akan mengenakan keperluan Sijil Kesihatan yang dikeluarkan oleh Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Taiwan iaitu Competent Authority (CA) berkaitan keselamatan makanan di Taiwan terhadap pengimportan semua kategori makanan yang terbabit. Produk-produk tersebut adalah minuman tenaga, minuman sukan, jus dan pati buah-buahan, jus dan pati sayur-sayuran, teh dan produk teh, yogurt, jeli, nata de coco, jem dan produk jem, konfeksi tepung (biskut, kek dan sebagainya), clouding agent, produk makanan mengandungi kolagen dan
    food supplement keluaran Taiwan. Sijil Kesihatan ini perlu disertakan dengan Sijil Analisa DEHP dari makmal yang diiktiraf oleh FDA Taiwan. Seksyen 13B(1), Akta Makanan 1983 menyatakan “tiada seorang pun boleh menyediakan atau menjual apa-apa makanan yang diadukkan” dan sekiranya disabitkan kesalahan, boleh dikenakan denda tidak melebihi RM 20,000.00 atau penjara selama tempoh tidak melebihi lima tahun atau kedua-duanya di bawah Seksyen 13B(4).
    Maklumat lanjut termasuk senarai produk makanan keluaran Taiwan terlibat boleh didapati di laman web atau Orang ramai juga boleh menghubungi Bahagian Keselamatan dan Kualiti Makanan, KKM di talian 03-88833652/ 88833653. Y.B. DATO’ SRI LIOW TIONG LAI MENTERI KESIHATAN MALAYSIA 22 JUN 2011

    1. Yup, it says clearly written “dari nombor batch F1104001…. Guardian definitely need to give us a very good reason claiming with confidence only that particular batch and no other batch effected.

  7. it is so clearly that guardian does not even know what they are doing and they do not even update and equip themself with proper informations… they are also just the same like lennox.. all bout money…

  8. Dari nombor F1104001 bermakna selepas batch F1104001 juga diban ke?.I dah call guardian.They said boleh refund hnya batch F1104001 saja.yg lain tak still takut nk teruskan mkn..:(

  9. girls please be careful the guardian is not reliable giving false information too.
    look its more than one batch.
    check this link
    New Straits Times
    Sat, Jul 09, 2011
    KUALA LUMPUR – The Health Ministry said yesterday that the latest batch of “Lennox Firm-Up Collagen Drink” (F1104001) from Leton Products (M) Sdn Bhd has been found to be contaminated.
    The ministry said the beverage was contaminated with diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP), a cancer-causing plastic additive.
    The ministry also confirmed that another 12 batches of the “Lennox Firm-Up Collagen Drink” that were suspected to be contaminated with DEHP had been confirmed to be free of the chemical.
    The drinks were from batch numbers F1102003, 1103002, 1103003, 1104002, 1105001, 1105002, 1105003, 1106001, 1106002, 1106003, 1106004 and 1106005.
    On June 22, the ministry had directed Leton Products to withdraw the “Lennox Firm-Up Collagen Drink” batch number F1104001 for suspected contamination of DEHP.
    The DEHP contamination came from the raw materials used in a “grape concentrate” produced by a Taiwanese company.
    The public can get details of Taiwanese food products at, or call the ministry’s Food Safety and Quality Division at 03-8883 3652 or 03-8883 3653.

  10. hey girls,
    you should try kitsui brand from watsons….
    spoke to watsons KITSUI is safe and certified free from contamination…
    if i am not mistaken they are only selling rm65.80 per box
    you can check

  11. Omg..I just bought 2 big bottles from guardian last week and the batch number is F1106005…anyone can advice me how to refund back the money? Thanks a lot..

  12. The ministry also confirmed that another 12 batches of the “Lennox Firm-Up Collagen Drink” that were suspected to be contaminated with DEHP had been confirmed to be free of the chemical.
    The drinks were from batch numbers F1102003, 1103002, 1103003, 1104002, 1105001, 1105002, 1105003, 1106001, 1106002, 1106003, 1106004 and 1106005.
    I just bought from batch 1106005…

  13. I bought two Huge bottles of this from Guardian too ! Batch number 1106005 . I’m on my 3rd bottle and i found a sticker on it saying it’s Plasticizer free ? So i googled it and found my way to this page .
    Hope it’s safe to consume =S

  14. I plan to buy it. Guess will not buy it even I find out the review of NH plus and kino is little bit costly. I will just carry on with NH

  15. dua hari lepas saya beli lennox firmup saya dapati sarat saya bengkak lepas itu jumpa dr dr kata berhenti minum….

  16. dua hari lepas saya beli lennox firmup saya minum kemudian hari saja saya dapati sarat di leher saya bengkak dan jumpa dr dr bagi antiboitic dan suruh saya berhenti minum lennox firmup………saya pun berhenti minum takut dah…….hanya perchaya minum banyak air makan bual sayuran dan nuts……itulah collegen yang sangat terbagus.

  17. I just started drinking the Lennox firm up, I am just wondering if any of you is experiencing chest pain and shortness of breathe 15-20 minutes after taking the bottle. I have notice it right away since I am only in my 3rd bottle. I switch from NH plus which I don’t experience anything bad until I switch to Lennox… Can any one share with me. I’m just so concern to continue taking it but I bought 1 months supply… Is Lennox Firm up still banned?

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