Japan school kids clean male urinal bare handed

A school in Japan is making their school girls cleaning their male classmates toilet using their bare hand and bare foot. These news had spread disgust among Japanese people and parents for humiliating nature of the practice and unhygienic. These weird toilet cleaning culture is promoted by an elderly millionaire who is actually trying to infiltrate the nation’s schools…

Another school this time in Hiroshima prefecture’s city of Miyoshi, is organising school cleaning where you’ll see schoolgirls polishing male toilets barefoot and without wearing any gloves in order to “polish their hearts through cleaning toilets”.
It sounds strange to other parts of the world, but this culture is commonly found in Japanese society. A japanese company, Hoppy Beverage Co enforce it’s employees to clean toilet using their bare hand in order to emphasize the importance of hard work and dedication.
“Mina Ishiwatari Vice president Hoppy Beverage Co, who goes by the nickname, ‘‘Hoppy Mina,’’ has also studied under a management professional. She put what she learned into practice, when, in an audacious effort to reshape the company, she forced employees to clean the toilets with their bare hands to emphasize the importance of hard work and dedication.”

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