Robot Virtual Fitting Room, a virtual fitting room for an internet clothing retailer based on robotic won the European startup competition in Brussels, Plugg.
Designed by, a biorobotics company based in Estonia and Germany, each robot mannequin comprises a series of shifting mechanical “muscles” that replicate thousands of body types based on the shopper’s measurements.

It’s basically a mannequin robotic with a shape shifting technology accurately shift according to a body dimension measurement.
Having an adjustable mannequins trying on clothing before buying them from internet shops just like real-world fitting rooms, solves the cost of returns from customers who can’t fit into an online purchased garment.
The main reason people don’t prefer to buy clothing online is because of the inability to try it on. Using this Virtual shifting robot, retailers’ profit increases, solving the most important problems and customer are able to purchase with confidence.
Check out the video robot here

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