Small Message Big Impact by Terri L. Sjodin

It’s me holding a “Blogger Advance Copy” of “Small Message Big Impact” by Terri L. Sjodin

Blogger often gets small gifts and tokens to review on service and products. I received my 2nd blogger advance copy of book this year. A priority Mail FedEx courier express from Kevin Small ( Result Source Inc) USA Carlsbad Canada.
It’s a great book especially since i’ll be doing some business development task soon. Highly recommended for those involved in cold calling, sales associates, fund raisers, entrepreneurs, artists, academics and even for housewives.
Terri J. Sjodin book “Small Message Big Impact” will stress on “Elevator Speech” and other informative pointers. Terri will reveal techniques on how to close deals even without preparation of handout or props and to deliver 2 minutes pitch to judges or venture capitalists. Its purpose is to ignite attention to business idea during a 28th floor ride. This is really useful especially to get your idea across  to a Very Important Person (VIP) bosses.
Also highly effective for those starting new business or launching a television show, swaying a venture capitalist as such.
By reading this book, you’ll have the idea on how to craft a 3 min message to get things rolling be it formal or informal with clear brief message with intention. Elevator speech is more effective compare to cold calling as you’ll benefit more when speaking to 20 or 30 prospects instead of calling them individually, one by one over the phone.
“A small message can have a BIG impact”
Terri’s book will outline ways to intrigue listener and obtain his or her interest therefore winning a change to offer a longer and more detailed presentation at a later time – VERY useful for sales people.
In this book, you’ll learn how not to hard sale and being too informative, sometimes scaring prospect away. It’ll teach you steps on how to obtain a balance between informative and being persuasive at the same time.

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