Singapore girl burnt by metal sheet

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A Singaporean school girl Glady Tan, aged 10 years old suffered from 2nd degree burnt on the left side of her face after falling unconscious on a sun-baked metal sheet on the pavement opposite her school. According to source, she was crossing a road near her school in Serangoon Avenue 3 to buy lunch.
At that time, she was still wearing her PE attire which also means most of her flesh was exposed to the burnt.
Glady, a Primary 4 student at Yangzheng Primary School was found lying on the hot metal sheet by her schoolmate who then called their teacher for help.
Her father told The New Paper:
“I received a call from the school at about 1.30pm and was told that she had suffered some abrasions.
“School ended at 1.10pm, and Gladys didn’t come home immediately as she had a co-curricular activity at 3pm.
“It would be a rush for her to come home for lunch, then return to school.”
Her parents are worried that Gladys might not be able to take it when she finds out about her injuries. She has not seen her reflection yet.
Said her mother:
“She is like all girls. She likes being pretty. I don’t know how she will react.”
Dr Evan Woo, associate consultant of the Department of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery in KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, said:
“She will probably have some scars from her burns, and there’s a chance of some facial scarring due to the burns.”
A plastic surgeon at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Dr Chua Jun Jin, said that Gladys’ burns were most likely caused by prolonged contact with the metal sheet.
He said:

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“A metal plate that is exposed to the sun would unlikely be hot enough to burn or cause any injury unless the person comes into (contact with) the object for too long.”
Gladys’ father, Mr Tan, however, still wants an explanation.
He said:
“This is unacceptable. This time it is my child. What if it also happens to another child?
“I don’t want another parent to go through what I am experiencing now.”

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